That Box Where You Put All Your Tools

If it’s in the back of your garage somewhere, it’s that ramshackle box over there. What? You can’t see it? You can’t find it? Wonder why. More than likely, it’s not even a proper toolbox. It’s okay for the DIY guy at home. It’s just a hobby and he’s not deriving an income from his toolbox. And that’s only if, a big if, he can find the darn thing. Now, if you’re a professional guy, an artisan, electrician, a motor mechanic or plumbing technician, you’re not going to be doing this.

There’s going to be no such thing. No ramshackle boxes and carts. No makeshift tins and dins. A compact truck tool box, handy for the front seat of your truck. But ideally not. You might have one of your assistants along for the ride and you both need your leg room. And for goodness’s sake, what is the back of your truck for? For fun? Not likely. Yes, parts, components, paint and building materials. Prepared and ready to be installed products.

And what else? Pipes if you are a plumber. Electrical wiring, if you’re an electrician. Furniture if you’re a carpenter or cabinet maker. Gearboxes, exhaust pipes, retrofit engines if you’re a diesel mechanic. And guess what, still plenty of space for your regular compact and specialist tool box. Each and every one to his own special trade. They say the tools are only as good as its user. So true. But it could be argued the other way round.

compact truck tool box

Surely the best tools are going to help you in your game. Okay, so it’s not a game for you then. Fair enough. And the best tool boxes for your unique practice. Each and every tool has its place.